23-24 February 2017
LAL- Orsay
Europe/Paris timezone
The meeting has the primary purpose, following the publication of the PERLE CDR, to lead to a Technical Design Report (TDR) as the basis for proceeding towards building and operating PERLE at Orsay. The TDR should involve a number of laboratories and Universities as had already collaborated successfully on the CDR. These will be present at Orsay. The core of PERLE@Orsay is considered to be one (optionally two) cryomodule, consisting of four 5-cell 820 MHz ~18MV/m cavities, passed three times for acceleration. The electron current should reach 15mA and energy recovery be demonstrated in this configuration which is the heart of the LHeC design. This facility will be suitable for beam based SCRF and further technical developments. It also has a physics potential, for discussion at Orsay also, which may come to fruit when the test and demonstration phase of this facility has been succesfully passed in a few years time.
LAL- Orsay
Laboratoire de l'Accélérateur Linéaire - Building 200 - Orsay Scientific Campus - 91898 Orsay
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