Progress in algorithms and numerical tools for QCD

Orsay, France

Orsay, France

Laboratoire de Physique Théorique, Bâtiment 210, Université Paris-Sud Salle 114, Amphi 1
Organized in the framework of the GDR "QCD", this workshop aims to discuss about progress in algorithms and numerical methods used by theorists and experimentalists in their research activities devoted to the different topics covered by the GDR. Links between those progresses and new computer architectures of the exa-scale era will be outlined.
Localization of the workshop
  • Attilio Cucchieri
  • Benoît Blossier
  • Cyrille Marquet
  • David Rousseau
  • Francois Gelis
  • Frederic Kapusta
  • Gregory Soyez
  • Hervé MOUTARDE
  • Jean-Philippe Lansberg
  • Lais Sarem Schunk
  • Lenka Zdeborova
  • Luiz Vale Silva
  • Matthias Rottmann
  • Maurice Benayoun
  • Michel Jouvin
  • Nicolas Garron
  • Nodoka Yamanaka
  • Olivier PARCOLLET
  • Olivier Pène
  • Ronald Kunne
  • Samuel Wallon
  • Stagnitto Giovanni
  • Stephane Platchkov
  • Vittorio Somà
  • Yémalin Gabin Gbedo