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Colloque France-Ukraine 2015
de jeudi 15 octobre 2015 (08:00) à vendredi 16 octobre 2015 (20:00)

       : Sessions
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       : Breaks
jeudi 15 octobre 2015
vendredi 16 octobre 2015
09:00 --- Coffee ---
Introduction (until 09:30)
09:15  Achille Stocchi, Introduction  
R&D on accelerators: beam diagnostics (until 10:55)
09:30  Nikolai F. Shulga (KIPT and KNU): Quantum effects at radiation by ultrarelativistic electrons in long undulator and at scattering in ultrathin crystals  
10:00  Sergii P. Fomin (KIPT), Computer simulation of high energy charged particle passage through aligned crystals  
10:15  Oleksiy Fomin (KIPT and KNU), Qausireflection of relativistic charged particle beam by a thin crystal  
10:25  Sergii V. Trofimenko (KIPT), Ionization loss and transition radiation processes by high-energy 'half-bare' electron  
10:40  Angeles Faus-Golfe (LAL), Electron beam uses and applications in ThomX  
10:55 --- Coffee ---
R&D on accelerators: beam diagnostics (until 12:45)
11:10  Daniil Brzhechko (TSNUK), UA9 – slow extraction  
11:20  Vasyl Drozd (TSNUK), Installation and test of the Fiber Beam Loss Monitor at PHIL  
11:30  Nicolas Delerue (LAL), Smith-Purcell radiation  
11:40  Alexander V. Shchagin (KIPT), Production and applications of X-rays emitted by relativistic particles  
11:55  Valery M. Pugatch (KINR), Hybrid and Metal Microdetector Systems for measuring spatial and time distribution of the charged particles and X-rays beams  
12:10  Oleksii Kovalchuk (KINR), Design of the Metal Microstrip Detector for the beam profile studies at PHIL  
12:20  Oleksandre Okhrimenko (KINR), LHCb RMS status and operation at 13 TeV  
12:30  Discussion  
12:45 --- Lunch ---
09:00 --- Coffee ---
R&D on detectors (until 10:45)
09:15  Slava Kubytsky (LAL), Diamond detectors  
09:30  Andrey Nagai (LAL), SiPM  
09:45  Leonid Burmistrov (LAL), UA9 – CPFM  
10:00  (Oleg Bezshyyko, Andrii Chaus), Micromegas/InGrid  
10:15  Giovanni Calderini (LPNHE), Si for ATLAS upgrade  
10:30  Nikolai I. Maslov (KIPT), Radiation resistance of Si detectors research using electrons and bremsstrahlung of KhIPT linacs  
10:45 --- Coffee ---
R&D on detectors (until 12:00)
11:00  Dmytro Kharchenko (IAP-Sumy), Modeling Radiation Defects Dynamics and Microstructure Transformations in Irradiated Solids  
11:15  Gabriel Charles (IPNO), ALERT: A Low Energy Recoil Tracker  
11:30  Denys Poda (CSNSM), Molybdenum containing scintillating bolometers for double beta decay search (LUMINEU program)  
11:45  Discussion  
Experimental platforms (until 12:30)
12:00  Hugues Monard (LAL), ThomX  
12:15  Pierre Lepercq (LAL), PHIL  
12:30 --- Lunch ---
R&D on accelerators: lasers, RF and simulations (until 15:05)
14:00  V.I. Maslov, I.P. Levchuk, I.N. Onishchenko (KIPT), "Focusing of relativistic electron bunches by nonresonant wakefield excited in plasma"  
14:15  Nicolas Delerue (LAL), New acceleration techniques  
14:30  Stéphane BERRY (CEA), XFEL village  
14:50  Discussion  
Nuclear Physics (until 16:15)
15:05  Eric Voutier (IPNO), Prospects for a new measurement of the proton radius  
15:25  Georgi Georgiev (CSNSM), ALTO  
15:45  Giulia Hull (IPNO), R&D on scintillating materials for Nuclear Physics  
16:00  Discussion  
16:15 --- Group photo ---
16:20 --- Coffee ---
Medical applications (until 18:15)
16:30  Marie Jacquet (LAL)  
16:45  Sara Spadola (IMNC), Optimization of an intraoperative beta imaging probe dedicated to tumor margins control during radioguided cancer surgery  
17:00  Marc-Antoine Verdier (IMNC), Intrinsic Performances of the MAGICS Compact Gamma-Camera  
17:15  Slava Sharyy (IRFU), Development of the innovative detectors for PET at IRFU  
17:30  Olga Kochebina (IRFU), CaLIPSO-PET simulation with GATE/GEANT4  
17:40  Samuel Meyroneinc (CPO): CPO  
18:00  Discussion  
Walk to CPO (until 18:30)
Visit of CPO (until 19:30)
Walk to Gramophone (until 19:45)
19:45 --- Workshop dinner ---
Medical applications (until 14:25)
14:00  Slava Sharyy (IRFU), Development of the innovative detectors for PET at IRFU  
14:15  Olga Kochebina (IRFU), CaLIPSO-PET simulation with GATE/GEANT4  
Experimental platforms (until 15:35)
14:25  Oleg Bezshyyko (TSNUK), Leetech  
14:35  Sophie Kazamias, Laserix  
14:50  Visit of Laserix  
15:35 --- Coffee ---
Developments for HEP projects (until 17:05)
15:50  Maksym Teklishyn (GSI), Charmonium description using decays to hadronic states with LHCb,  
16:05  Stephane Monteil (LPC-Clermont), FCC  
16:20  Emi Kou (LAL), Flavour Physics at SuperBelle  
16:35  François Le Diberder (LAL), Flavour Physics at ILC  
16:50  Discussion  
Neutrino (until 17:50)
17:05  Mathieu Bongrand (LAL), SOLID  
17:20  Fedor Danevich (KINR), Instrumentation for double beta decay experiments  
17:35  Discussion  
LIA discussion (until 18:50)